We are a certified distributor and service of Airwheel vehicles, we make every effort to process the complaint, exchange or return of goods was the most convenient and the fastest for our customers.

Before purchasing the device, please check its origin. Secure purchase of original equipment can be carried out both at us and our trading partners.

Usage and warranty information

Airwheel vehicles do not require oil changes, regular inspections, and filling out a warranty card. It is the responsibility of the user to systematically charge the battery, control the tire pressure, use only in suitable atmospheric conditions.

At low temperatures, the performance of the battery is decreasing - but this is a temporary effect. Looking at Airwheel failure statistics worldwide, only 1% of users in the year (2015-2016) used post-warranty services.

However, bearing in mind that even the best device may fail at any time, we inform you that an 18-month warranty is provided for the Airwheel.

Warranty Procedure:

  • Submit a complaint by mail:
  • In the message title enter "Device Complaints" model")
  • In the body of the message, enter the delivery address and convenient time. (Our company will order a courier that will pick up the package directly at the address)
  • Prepare the package beforehand with the detailed information below.
  • Wait for return shipment

* Details

  • Must be packed in a way that ensures safe transportation to the service. Best in original cardboard box.
  • The claimed goods should be complete, including accessories that affect the functionality of the equipment or may be one of the causes of malfunction of the equipment.
  • In the above application should specify the mode of complaint you want to use - warranty or non-compliance of the goods with the contract.
  • In the case of guarantee, a copy of the invoice or receipt, the original warranty card (if available), and a detailed description of the defect, together with information on its circumstances, are required.

If you have any questions, we are at your disposal both by email and phone:
tel. + 48 515 252 443