Electric scooter - Airwheel Z3T


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Electric scooter - Airwheel Z3T

Electric scooter - Airwheel Z3T

Multiple folding design

Folding and unfolding is realized within seconds. Just lift and go.

Tumbler accelerator

It’s time to wave goodbye to traditional handle. To eliminate the potential danger resulting from nervousness or sharp acceleration.

Portable charging power source

The battery with USB power supply interface can be regarded as a portable power source.

Adjustable operating arm

It can be adjusted according to the height of the riders to provide the most comfortable riding experience. humanization design concept

Foldable pedals

Dull polished pedals increase friction to be more safer. Foldable design enables Z3T to cover small space and have better contractility.

Obverse standing

The innovative paralleled pedals replaces the twisty riding posture.