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    Airwheel C5 - is a ski helmet equipped with a camera, a wide-angle camera, a speakerphone and a microphone to make voice calls.

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  • 799,00 EUR Towar dostępny

    Airwheel Q5 - the latest model available at Airwheel Poland stores. Interesting design, powerful 170Wh battery is the advantage of the Q5 model. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the broader description below. And to the feedback tab.Available colors: Green, blue

    799,00 EUR
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  • 580,00 EUR In Stock

    Electric scooter with built-in Lithium Ion battery for adults and children. Thanks to adjustable steering wheel heights, it can serve anyone. Its folding design and light weight ensure easy carry and the ability to hide the device almost anywhere. Powerful battery provides up to 20km and 350W motor speeds up the scooter to 20km / h

    580,00 EUR
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  • 834,00 EUR In Stock

    Airwheel S8 - This is Airwheel's answer to well-known hoverboards. The device is distinguished by its watertightness, range (25km) with large wheels, and an optional seat.

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  • 368,29 EUR Towar dostępny

    Electric monocle, the electric wheel near the Airwheel X3 is a great means of transport to crowded cities. This combination of reliability, endurance and practicality. The most important parameters that describe the X3 model are: a 130Wh battery, giving a range of 15km and a top speed of 18km / h.

    368,29 EUR
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  • 950,00 EUR Towar dostępny

    The R5 is the first electric bike from the Airwheel brand. It features small dimensions when folded, a powerful 215Wh battery and a 100% power boost.

    950,00 EUR
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  • 2 906,00 EUR Towar dostępny

    Airwheel S5 - more power, terrain tires, solid performance. This Terrain Segway is great for harsh terrain and is designed for heavy work.

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